Tours / Private guided tour of Florence for kids

A fun and interactive private family tour where you and your kids will learn a great deal about  Florence in a short time.  

Florence is a city so rich in art and history, it could overwhelm you and your little companions. This is why I have designed an experience specific for families.  I love doing guided tours for kids and teens as I believe that art and culture are integral parts of the upbringing. I have tailored an easy, hands-on and fun way for your family to visit and enjoy Florence. Your children will be entertained during our tour by stories that will bring the city to life, focusing on cultural highlights and captivating historical anecdotes.

Choosing a private guided tour you can decide with your guide the suitable tour length for your family.

Our family tours of Florence will be planned on your children’s own pace and thus will always include small breaks to rest and, why not, also enjoy a delicious gelato!

We will start with  a classic walking tour of Florence including the 'must see' places, such as Duomo Square, Signoria Square and Ponte Vecchio. Additionally, we will explore the fascinating 'Medieval district' where you will see ancient tower-houses and your kids will find out surprising details about daily life in the Middle Ages. Finally, we will finish our tour in Piazza della Repubblica where your kids can enjoy a ride on the famous carousel.

Our tour goes to the most preferred spots for kids visiting Florence, such as the Piglet Market

After we have walked over the 700 year old bridge, Ponte Vecchio, we will reach one of the most favorite spots for kids visiting Florence, the Piglet Market. Here they will hear about the famous piglet legend and rub its nose for good luck. This is a perfect opportunity for a memorable photo!

Have you ever imagined going back in time? What would it be like living in a time with no televisions and computers, no video games and no electricity? During our tour for kids you will also discover one of the neatest districts of Florence that still looks six hundred years old! There you will see ancient tower-houses where people used to live and you will learn about daily life in the Middle Ages.

The city is safe and you can walk everywhere without getting tired, but in case you do, we will stop for a gelato break in one of the many delicious gelato shops in Florence. We can also modify our tour based on your family’s needs and preferences. So, if you feel that a family vacation should be a time for the whole family to share experiences, relax and have fun, I am your guide!  







2 HOURS-2 and a half HOURS


Duomo Square, Signoria Square, the Medieval district, Republic Square, the Piglet Market, Ponte Vecchio.