Tours / Guided Tours of the Medici Family Villas In Tuscany

This guided tour of the Tuscan villas will take you far from the touristy crowds and the heat of the city to a gorgeous setting of sweet hills with breathtaking views. Among the many Tuscan historical buildings, the most attractive are certainly the twelve Medicis’ Villas, located around Florence and surrounded by splendid gardens. Built between the 1400s and the 1600s, these typical Tuscan villas were listed in the Unesco World Heritage list in 2013 due to their outstanding beauty and rich history. My guided tour of the Medici Villas aims to introduce you to the art and history of these rich country mansions built by the family who dominated Florence and Tuscany for three centuries.

The history of these Villas is incredibly interesting and have seen many protagonists.

In fact, when the Medici died out in 1737 their villas passed over to another great European family, the Habsburg-Lorraine, and after them onto Napoleon’s sister, Elisa Baciocchi, to conclude with, after the unification of our country, the royal family of Italy. Isn’t it fascinating to walk in the same rooms where Grand Dukes, princesses and kings walked, chatted about art and politics and slept throughout 500 years?

The Medici Villas guided tour is certainly an excellent way to experience Florence and Tuscany as you never have before.

It is the perfect guided tour if you want to stay away from the crowded centre of Florence, relaxing on the hills of Tuscany listening to many intriguing stories about the families who lived there! With twelve different villas, you will have a wide choice. Let your guide help you in choosing the ideal itinerary for you! In the elegant villa of Poggio a Caiano, very close to Florence, you will learn about the death of Francesco I and his wife Bianca Cappello who died mysteriously in this villa from malaria (or was it poison?). The garden of Villa Castello instead, is famous worldwide for boasting a unique collection of hundreds of lemon and rare citrus trees that botanists are still studying and that are displayed every spring in the gardens of the villa. Our tour will lead you to Villa Petraia which has one of the most splendidly decorated ballrooms in Italy and which was the place where the king of Italy’s wife lived. Our Medici villas guided tour will take you to the splendid hills near Florence, to places that were important meeting points for intellectuals, poets and philosophers of the Medici court and where bloody conspiracies were plotted or weddings celebrated.

With a history of 500 years, the Medici villas of Florence and its surroundings will seduce you!



ADULTS AND KIDS. FOR VISITORS WHO WANT TO SEE HOW THE OTHER HALF LIVED! NOT FULLY suitable for individuals with impaired mobility.






Villa Petraia, Villa di Poggio a Caiano, Villa Medici, Villa Le Balze, Villa Gamberaia (a selection can be made).